Me & My Compost

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Charlie and her brother Zach see their life totally changed when Compostman comes to their house.

With this friendly monster totally naive in front of the world but connected to the Earth, our heroes discover that the small adjustments of your daily routine transform life into a hilarious and exciting adventure!



  • Based on the books by Jérémie Pichon and Bénédicte Moret sold to 200 000 units
  • A mix of animation and tutorials


ProducersA coproduction Superprod - Vivement Lundi!
DirectorLionel François
Based onFreely adapted from the albums Les Zenfants presque Zero Déchet written by Jérémy Pichon and Bénédicte Morêt
Literary conceptAurélie Angebault, Camille Serceau, Nathalie Dargent, Matthieu Chevalier
Other partnersDeveloped with the support of Procirep-Angoa
Further informationWith the support of Rennes Métropole
Copyright© Superprod - Vivement Lundi !

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