My Spooky Family

StatusIn development
GenreAction Comedy


The inhabitants of Ravendüll island would be able to live their lives peacefully if the young Archibald Mc Prachett hadn’t release mistakenly the ghosts of his ancestors who lived until then in the family mansion.
Now it is a hundred ghosts who spread panic on the island. Archibald has no longer the choice. With the help of his friends Pashmeer and Abigail, his coach Attila and Shetland the sheep, he will have to find and bring back to the mansion the unruly ghosts of the Mc Prachett family.


Literary conceptStéphane Gallard
Graphic designStéphane Gallard
Other partnersDeveloped with the support of Cofinova, Procirep-Angoa and the Media Progamme.
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