Lassie – Season 1



“Lassie” is an animated series that updates the classic story of a noble dog and the family that loves her. Under the thoughtful guidance of Superprod, the iconic tale has retained all of its mythic appeal while delivering stories with a uniquely modern sensibility. Lassie now belongs to Ranger Graham Parker and his family. And as the ranger and his wife, Dr. Sarah Parker keep order and care for the animals in a sprawling Grand Mountain National Park, their 10 year old daughter Zoe, her best friend Harvey, and the fearless, faithful Lassie fill their days with adventure. From facing down a backcountry brush fire to reaching out to some of the characters who live in the park’s countless canyons, for Lassie and Zoe each day brings new, exciting and sometimes dangerous challenges.

Taking advantage of the medium, the animated Lassie can now communicate with her closest animal friends…a hapless but heartwarming group of creatures that live in the barn behind the Parkers’ home.

Epic in scale but heartfelt in its execution, “Lassie” is a tale for the ages. Played against its monumental backdrop, it tells the most enduring story of all…the power and depth of the love that a young girl feels for a very special dog…and how that amazing animal returns that affection.


  • Adventurous and humorous  !
  • 2 seasons available now


ProducersSuperprod, DQ Entertainment
DirectorJean-Christophe Roger
Based onThe character created by Eric Knight
Literary conceptNatalie Altmann, Clément Calvet, Valérie Baranski
Graphic designPerrine Rogier, Igor David, Jeroen Dejonckheere
MusicGuy Michelmore
BroadcastersTF1, Teletoon+, ZDF, RTBF, RTS, TVO
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Dreamworks Classics / Dreamworks Animation

Additionnal Information

Developed with the support of Cofinova Développement Puissance 5 and Devanim (a Back Up Films fund).
Produced with the support of the CNC, Région Poitou Charentes and Département de la Charente.

Copyright© 2013 DQ Entertainment - Superprod - Dreamworks Classics / All rights reserved
Distributor FranceSuperprod
International salesDQ Entertainment, ZDF Enterprises, Dreamworks Animation, Superights