KIKA & BOB - Season 2

Format26x13' - 2D
GenreEducational Comedy


Kika -a gutsy 9 year old girl- and Bob -a not too clever but kind-hearted fireman- travel the world with one goal: go back home and save Tiger, Kika's kitten and best friend!

In each episode, Kika and Bob visit a different country, meet strange people and even stranger animals. But each time they face a dilemma and have a difficult choice to make, they can ask for the Voice Over's and/or the viewers' help.

Kika & Bob is a unique multi-platform property, perfect to exploit the digital possibilites of internet, webgames and interactive television.


ProducersSubmarine, Walking the dog, Superprod
DirectorYannick Zanchetta, Paul De Blieck
Literary conceptVincent Bal, Colette Bothof
Graphic designFons Schiedon
MusicHans Helewaut
BroadcastersCanal + Family, RTBF, VRT-Ketnet, DR TV, Discovery Kids Asia.
Further informationDeveloped with the support of Cofinova Développement Puissance 5 and Devanim (a Back Up Films fund). Produced with the support of the CNC, of Région Poitou-Charentes and of Département de la Charente.
Copyright© Submarine BVBA - Superprod - Walking the Dog
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