Jungle Bunch

Format26x1’30 + 1x52’


Maurice, the Great Tiger Warrior, along with the Jungle Bunch, his team of righters of wrongs, has been maintaining peace and order over the jungle for years until they come across their most dangerous opponent yet, Igor the koala whose sole aim in life is to annihilate the whole of the jungle!
To counter this evil masterplan, Maurice and friends will not only have to put together all their skills and resources; they will also have to team up with the Champions, the mythical defenders of the jungle long before their time. In the course of their adventure, we’ll learn more about Igor’s past and also Maurice’s origins, along with his complicated relation with his mother, Natacha the tigress

Festival selections and awards

ernational Kids Emmy Award du meilleur film d'animation à New York


ProducersTAT productions, Master films and Vanilla Seed
BroadcastersFrance TV
CopyrightTat Productions