Dr good

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Well-being is about your mind and is about your body, that’s also true for kids.

The series aims at answering in a simple way to questions that children ask about their bodies, such as: What are glasses for? Why do I have to blow my nose? What is this fever? Why do I have to wear a cast? Why do I have blond hair and my neighbor black hair? Why is it important to eat before going to school? Is it true that the brain cannot get hurt?

26 questions about the body asked by kids aged 6… and as many efficient answers by the facetious Dr Good !


ProducersSuperprod in coproduction with Le Club Santé Débat
DirectorAxelle De Cooman
Based onThe book by Michel Cymes, Editions Glénat
Graphic designLaure Monloubou
MusicJérome Dédina
Copyright(c) Superprod - Le Club Santé Débat