That’s Joey!

StatusIn Production


When joking is a way of life!

Faster than the speed of light when it comes to quick jokes and snappy comebacks, bursting with imagination, this little boy is simply irresistible ! Joey has all the makings of an everyday hero : his parents are separated, he’s got a little sister, goes to school, he has lots of friends and a huge heart ! Joey just can’t stop concocting the most imaginative schemes, in class, at home or anywhere in between ! He racks up the mischief to make his world a better place and the more he does, the more we love him ! Every kid needs a Joey in his life !

Joey has appeared in 13 volumes with over 3,7 MILLION copies sold throughout the world ! Now get ready to jump on board for his even wackier and funnier 3D adventures !


DirectorDominique Etchecopar
Based onThe comics created by Thierry Coppée published by Delcourt Editions
International salesEnglish, French