Titounis, the #1 French Kids channel on Youtube, to be distributed by Superprod

  • 16.12.2019

Superprod is appointed worldwide distributore of the World of Titounis, #1 French Kids channel on Youtube

Paris, December 16th, 2019


SUPERPROD is delighted to announce the signature of a distribution agreement for The World of Titounis, the leading French children’s channel on Youtube.


The World of Titounis is a channel of rhymes, dancing and classical tales aimed at preschoolers to learn with fun. Launched in 2012, the channel soon became the reference for early childhood, with 3.89 million subscribers, and more than 3 billion views as of today.


This channel was created by Virginie, a young mother and a former artistic director in the video game industry, who launched this adventure to entertain her own kids. Surprised and excited to find out that the « Titounis » were seducing more and more families, she continued to develop the channel, and therefore uploaded 400 titles and a wide range of compilations with different themes (prince and princess stories, gym lessons, animal songs, etc.)


A few years later, the channel’s massive audience with 2 million unique daily visitors and 2.5 million daily views set an all-time record in the French kids’ programming landscape.


Superprod will take advantage of the phenomenal success and brand-awareness of the Titounis to expand the exposure of the episodes on all broadcasting platforms, in France and all over the world.


This distribution agreement is part of the latest partnerships lately inked with the Titounis.  The brand is already performing very well on musical platforms such as Deezer and Spotify as well as in the GooglePlay and Apple Music stores. On the consumer products’ side, the licensing agent Zemup has already signed the biggest segments : Lansay for the toys (sold in the toy stores, on Amazon, and in mass retail), Zemup for outdoor articles and dishware, and a major French youth publisher will be launching next spring a series of preschooler and coloring books.

« Virginie, the creator of the Titounis, has always developed the brand with passion, and has therefore attached much importance in being in direct contact with the audience via Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, says Carole Brin, Chief Digital Officer at Superprod. The Titounis will find a home naturally on the other broadcasting platforms that are complementary to Youtube in France but not only, as the channel exists also in English and German.