• 14.04.2020

SUPERPROD and PLUG IN DIGITAL are pleased to announce the release of PAT THE DOG on April 14th. The freemium game, aimed at a family audience, will be available on Playstore (for Android) and on the App Store.


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After “Space Dog” a first opus of the mobile game which entertained 45 million players worldwide and a hilarious TV series sold in 180 territories, PAT THE DOG is now back in a new game.


About the game : 


« PAT is a lovable pup and, above all, the apple of Lola’s eye.

But what Lola doesn’t know is that while Pat may look like a cute but clumsy, faint-hearted furball, he is really the greatest canine hero the world has ever seen.

There are hundreds of heroic hounds, we hear you say: “Deputy Donut”, “Sherlock Bones of Barker Street”, “Luke Spybarker – space detective”, “Agent Brad Pitbull”. But cracking crime is easy when you’re a gigantic Great Dane with razor-sharp fangs, saber-tipped claws and piston legs to chase down the bad guys.

Let it be known: PAT is the highest flier of them all. He may not have a superpower but he does have the super-smarts to soar onwards and pup-wards.

Further than ever?  He might need a helping thumb…

Could it be yours?

Team up with PAT and help overcome every obstacle to go where no dog has ever gone before!»


The game will be available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) on the two main platforms, IOS and Android.  It will be published and distributed by PLUG IN DIGITAL. Premium partner of Apple and Google, PLUG IN DIGITAL is one of the biggest European independent video game distributors as well as one of the main provider of the main Telco, such as Orange, Telefonica, SFR.

Freemium game for family audience (5+) :



History of the game PAT THE DOG (ex-SPACE DOG)


The mobile game was originally called Space Dog and was first released in 2009 on IOS and Android. The player’s mission was to help a dog, the lovely « Space Dog » (PAT THE DOG), to fly as far as possible. The famous dog became a worldwide success, with 45 million players around the globe, and became the star of 5 popular games.

A few years later, SUPERPROD, a studio specialised in animation series and feature films, decided to adapt the famous dog into a CGI animation series aimed at 5 to 8 year-old kids, and acquired the ownership of the brand. The challenge was met : 3 years after the launch, the series PAT THE DOG became one of the best French hit on the international scene within the latest 25 years (source CNC). Sold in 180 territories, the series has already been aired on France 4 and Okoo, Cartoon Network in Europe and Asia, Disney Channel in the USA, France, Benelux, Spain, Germany, CIS, Discovery Kids in Latin America, Rai in Italy, Radio Canada, etc.

Building on this success, SUPERPROD is now completing the production of the second season for a full delivery in May 2020 and to be aired worldwide in 2020 according to the territories. The studio is already working on the development of a third season, as well as a feature film to be released in 2022.



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