SUPERPROD DIGITAL adapts Michel Cymes’ health book

SUPERPROD DIGITAL adapts Michel Cymes’ health book

SUPERPROD DIGITAL adapts : “WHEN I FEEL GOOD, WHEN I DON’T. THE BODY EXPLAINED TO THE CHILDREN (AND THEIR PARENTS!)”[1] by Michel Cymes, France’s most popular and beloved tv doctor


Paris, 3rd of September 2018

SUPERPROD DIGITAL is proud to announce the audiovisual adaptation of the popular book “When I feel good, when I don’t. The body explained to the children (and their parents!)”1, published by Les Editions Clochette.


The book:

The book aims at answering in a simple way to questions that children ask about their bodies, such as: What are glasses for? Why do I have to blow my nose? What is this fever? Why do I have to wear a cast? Why do I have blond hair and my neighbor black hair? Why is it important to eat before going to school? Is it true that the brain cannot get hurt?

Michel Cymes reports: “When my son was 5 years old, he asked me full of curiosity: “Hey Dad, would you please draw me a heart”, I suddenly found myself involved in a “mission” to explain their body to the children, who kept telling him at school that his father was “the doctor from TV”. At 5 years old, you look, you observe, you feel, and you compare yourselves… and sometimes you worry. You wonder why the skin of your friends is not the same color as yours, for example. Those are not big metaphysical questions about the origin of the people, but questions they want answers for.”

The book was published in 2017 and already sold several tens of thousand copies in France alone. Foreign editions are in discussion in several countries.


The series:

SUPERPROD DIGITAL is working on an audiovisual adaptation into a fun, playful and efficient series of short episodes (2 to 3 minutes). The series, dedicated to 6-year-old kids and the whole family, will be produced for digital platforms and television channels.

SUPERIGHTS will distribute the series worldwide.

Well-being is about your mind and is about your body, that’s also true for kids, says Carole Brin, Chief Digital Officer at SUPERPROD, and we are delighted to work on a show that will take us through this with all the humor and the simplicity of the book”.

Michel Cymes is a French medical doctor. He has been one of the most popular personalities in France for several years. With his books, his conferences, his top rated radio and television shows, as well as his best-selling magazines Dr Good and the Club Prévention Santé, Michel Cymes spreads an essential message to parents and their children: Take care of your health!

What a luck and what an honor it is for a publisher to see the books getting animated! With the mix of Michel Cymes’ scientific and facetious spirit and Laure Monloubou’s cheerful drawings, the book is educational and fun at the same time. With the help of Superprod, we will give the children something to make them think…and laugh. And above all, something to make them love and understand their body as a friend they must protect and respect”, adds Maureen Dor, the founder of Editions Clochette.



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Clochette EDITIONS launched in 2011.


[1] Orignal title : « Quand ça va, quand ça va pas ? Leur corps explique aux enfants (et aux parents !) »